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Over the past two years, the HDTV CONTENT has been at the center of efforts to promote the widespread rollout of HDTV in Europe. The CONTENT was instrumental in spurring the creation of common standards for consumer equipment, resulting in the “HD Ready” logo and sticker. The CONTENT’s website, HDTVCONTENT.ru, has provided information to consumers and the industry on the technological and market drivers behind this emerging television standard.

Given these developments, The HDTV CONTENT has decided to suspend its activities, heartened that it has largely met its original objectives of promoting technical standardisation, market harmonization and market introduction of HD. We will continue to share pertinent news with existing members as needed, but will henceforth refrain from registering new members and embarking on new initiatives until further notice. Those interested in learning more about European HDTV can visit the HDTV CONTENT website, where they will find links to other online HDTV CONTENTs, along with other useful information.

The European HDTV CONTENT is gratified at the growing take up of HDTV. Recent months have seen the introduction of several HD channels, most notably from Premiere, Pro7Sat1, Canal +, and Euro1080, with other broadcasters announcing their intention to launch additional offerings. Sales of home equipment have accelerated, prompted by growing consumer knowledge about products on the market. And broadcasters are adapting their production techniques, a development to be demonstrated later this year when the UEFA 2006 World Cup Finals are captured from start to finish on high definition video.

We remain committed to firmly establishing HD as the television standard for Europe and bringing the high-definition experience to millions in the years to come.

Your sincerely, The HDTV CONTENT.

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